About us

Pressures and temperatures, flow rates and voltages, currents and status values: process data is our vocation. With the systematic consideration of relevant data within production processes, we make them more efficient than ever - and have been doing so since our foundation in 1980. As a family-run IT company, the Steinhaus Informationssysteme GmbH develops innovative system solutions for all customer requirements. Minimizing time and effort for data engineering and creating more space for the use of information for the specialists has been our top priority ever since - just like quality assurance, cost savings, weak-point analysis and environmental protection.

Our key tool: TeBIS®

Central to this is our specially developed data management system TeBIS®, which we have been operating since 1984. It is one of the leading manufacturer-independent tools on the market for production process monitoring and documentation. Our range of services in the most important areas of measurement and information technology completes the Steinhaus portfolio. These include data acquisition from various data sources, the storage of mass data and their preparation and evaluation (analytics). Many years of experience in all areas of process engineering and numerous system installations in various sectors of industry represent a unique know-how in the monitoring, evaluation and adaptation of process data. Our systems are characterized by extraordinary reliability, excellent performance and high user acceptance and are thus the basis for everyday or even far-reaching decisions on production processes.

Several 1000 users benefit from Steinhaus

Several 1000 users at more than 100 customers from different industries worldwide trust in our solutions. TeBIS®-based process and meter data management systems are used in the brewing industry, the energy sector, and in chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Continuous development of our IT systems is constantly increasing the possibilities for improving production processes. Behind Steinhaus there is a highly specialized team of engineers and IT specialists. Continuous investment in research and in the qualification of our employees ensures the future viability of our solutions - and thus of your operating processes.