Our history

Making industrial production more efficient with qualified energy consulting: This was the aim of the founding of Steinhaus Informationssysteme GmbH in Datteln in 1980. Since then, the focus of the services offered has been in two areas: Services in the most important areas of measurement and information technology as well as the development of information systems for the monitoring of production processes. Well-known companies trust in the IT know-how of Steinhaus. This is how the company establishes itself in numerous industries to this day.

A demonstration process for reducing energy consumption at the Friedrich Weissheimer Malzfabrik in Gelsenkirchen (today Avangard Malz AG Gelsenkirchen) initiates the success story of Steinhaus. The company equips a block heat power station with a computer-controlled measurement data acquisition system. Steinhaus was founded on 28 August 1980.

1981 - 1983
Steinhaus develops and supplies quality assurance systems for the mining and electronics industries. In addition, the company pushes the development and implementation of IT-supported procedures for the offshore industry. Steinhaus advises on pipeline commissioning in Australia, Scotland and Norway, plans offshore pressure tests with electronic systems and implements them.

1984 - 1987
In cooperation with breweries of the Wicküler Group, Holsten Brauerei AG and the Merz Group, Steinhaus develops CAPO® systems and delivers them. The IT specialist is installing the first such system in the filter cellar of the Küppers-Kölsch brewery in Cologne.

1988 - 1995
Steinhaus develops TeBIS® as a multi-user system with scalable size. The client-server architecture of the software is based on Unix. Steinhaus implements first major projects in the energy industry. In two networked power stations of the Karlsruhe public utility company, the company integrates an SQL database (Ingres®) in TeBIS® for batch-related production documentation. With the Schneider Weisses Brauhaus and Friesisches Brauhaus to Jever Steinhaus implements production reporting.

1996 - 1997
For the first time, various corporations trust in the know-how of Steinhaus. Among others, in cooperation with Daimler AG Sindelfingen, E.ON Zolling, Ingolstadt and Erlangen, BP AG Hamburg, Storengy Hannover and companies in the waste disposal industry, the company successfully implements major projects. In the brewing industry Steinhaus continues to develop solutions for the Bitburger brewery and the Holsten Group. The IT specialist integrates the operating systems of Microsoft® Wiindows® NT, 2000, XP, Server and Professional and applies object-oriented methods in software development. Thanks to the integration of the DBMS ORACLE® in TeBIS®, Steinhaus is expanding its customer-specific problem solutions.

1998 - 2002
Steinhaus integrates TeBIS® into the office world. From now on the system is compatible with the Windows Client as well as the ODBC driver. The company is expanding its areas of application in the energy supply sector, including at GDF SUEZ Kraftwerk Zolling. In 2001, Steinhaus also expands its cooperation with Daimler AG for the factory in Rastatt.

2003 - 2004
Steinhaus reaches leaps in efficiency for its own products through continuous development: The IT specialist links these to browser-based batch documentation and the browser-based energy management system. This is suitable for use at multiple locations. Steinhaus also realizes rule-based company descriptions and links the web service with other software systems for data exchange. The company is expanding its cooperation with Daimler AG at their location in Untertürckheim. Steinhaus opens a branch office in Karlsruhe.

2005 - 2007
Steinhaus successfully implements major projects for various industries. This includes cooperation with groups such as MALTEUROPE DEUTSCHLAND GmbH at the Langerringen, Rostock and Heidenau locations. In the malt industry Steinhaus also applies its know-how to Avangard Malz AG in Bremen, Großaitingen and Koblenz. During this time Steinhaus also develops TeBIS® D. This is used as a general database management system to manage large TeBIS® systems.

Steinhaus wins numerous new customers - including Merck KGaA and AGR Abfallentsorgungs-Gesellschaft mbH RZR.

Steinhaus continues to establish itself in various sectors such as the brewing industry. For example, the company successfully completes a project at the Flensburg brewery. Furthermore, Steinhaus develops TeBIS®-Web. This enables users to set up and maintain web-based applications based on the TeBIS® system.

Together with Daimler AG Kecskemét, Steinhaus is once again realizing a major project abroad. At the same time, the IT specialist is expanding its know-how to other industries. MARTIN BRAUN - Backmittel und Essenzen KG is the first company from the food industry that trusts Steinhaus.

2012 - 2017
Steinhaus continues to develop the visualization of graphic displays. Thus, the IT specialist universally covers certain customer requirements. These include extended flow chart functions, map displays and graphic displays via browser. By integrating several TeBIS® systems into a large data pool for cross-location analyses, users gain a decisive competitive advantage. The consistent development towards an increasing number of data points from technical environments, higher data rates and faster networks make TeBIS® a perfect tool for big data applications and big data analytics in technical environments. Steinhaus is pushing ahead with further international projects with MVV Mannheim in the UK.