Data processing for breweries: Steinhaus solutions not only optimize the brewing process

Data processing systems for breweries are becoming more significant. Steinhaus solutions for process data acquisition and processing help breweries to get a precise overview of all relevant production processes in the brewery and to optimize them according to their requirements. 

Data processing for breweries is becoming more and more important due to the increasing digitalization and automation of all production processes. In addition, ecological aspects such as sustainability and resource efficiency are increasingly coming to the attention of breweries. Data processing for breweries makes Big Data visible and usable in the beer brewing process. Steinhaus solutions can monitor all processes from raw material receiving, the brewing process, filling the fermentation tank, maturing and bottling, and make them available for evaluation.

Beer production is based on biological-chemical processes in which every detail is important, and which often do not proceed in exactly the same way. Steinhaus systems for data processing in breweries collect data in real time and allow a precise analysis of these biological-chemical processes. Based on this data pool, breweries can realize optimizations to make production more efficient, to optimally utilize the capacities of their machines and ensure a constantly high product quality. Our information systems help breweries to get closer to their goal of perfect beer.

Decision-relevant information quickly available

Not only the chemical processes, but also the whole communication of the machines, for example those of the filling and packaging machines, can be optimized in terms of efficiency and process reliability. Steinhaus data processing solutions for breweries provide comprehensive information about the performance of all machines. Quickly accessible and usefully visualized data allow brewers to react quickly. Data processing for breweries not only identifies opportunities for increasing productivity but can also initiate the expansion of the business model. Precise knowledge of the own brewing process can be used to develop and produce new beer varieties more quickly.

High data quality for automated processes

Data processing for breweries only works if systems provide reliable, error-free information. Steinhaus solutions not only capture huge amounts of data but deliver high quality information while detecting and classifying discrepancies, duplicates and errors at the same time. This ensures trouble-free workflows, in which the connected elements interlock like gears. Of course, our data processing for breweries archives all relevant information and thus documents detailed developments over long periods of time.

Documentation and audits

Data recorded and archived in TeBISĀ® cannot be changed. The manual input of correction results is documented and can be commented with an explanation. Changes to manual inputs can be completely retraced. This makes TeBISĀ® a data basis for documenting processes and procedures according to HACCP and IFS standards and to proof them to certifying bodies.