Process optimization in power stations - Steinhaus supports energy industries and waste disposal companies

Process optimization in your power stations is decisive for economic success. The systematic observation of the process data of different but interdependent processes is therefore indispensable. The information systems from Steinhaus support the energy industry and waste management in increasing the efficiency of your power stations.

In facilities in which energy flows are generated, the precise coordination of processes is elementary for the performance record. The energy industry and waste management companies are therefore constantly striving to optimise power station processes. Because numerous processes must be in balance there, an overview of the most important parameters is elementary for the operation of the stations. To ensure that the process optimization of power stations leads to success, Steinhaus solutions create an information advantage for power station operators.

  • They visualize the processes clearly for different user groups.
  • They identify the current status of the process data in real time and provide information about their histories.
  • They systematically evaluate the parameters and are therefore elementary for the adaptation of processes.
  • They thus create high process reliability and efficient processes in highly complex machines at the same time.

Automation to optimize processes in power stations more important than ever

Thanks to a know-how for the efficient operation of power stations that has grown over decades, Steinhaus is a specialist for process optimization in power stations. The automation of the separate but interlinked processes is a decisive factor here. Whether it's an electric station, a natural gas processing plant or a thermal power station – whether coal or oil consumption, heat extraction, live steam quantity, cold end parameters, additional water or cooling water quantities: Steinhaus systematizes the key figures and sets up power stations efficiently.

Especially for waste disposal companies, Steinhaus systems provide important information on the thermal recycling of waste and the efficient generation of energy, for example in waste incineration factories. In this way, they not only use information to optimize processes in the connected power stations, but also ensure sustainable processes at the end of the value chain.

Power station operators benefit in three ways

Systematic data acquisition and evaluation is not only the basis for process optimization in power stations. It is an information basis in real time for the employees who must ensure facility operation. The recording and transmission of data in a standardized system provides the factory management with information when investigating possible damage cases or process quality. For the company management, Steinhaus systems also provide a useful controlling tool for energy generation and costs.

Documentation and audits

Data recorded and archived in TeBIS® cannot be changed. The manual input of correction values is documented and can be commented with an explanation. Changes to manual inputs can be completely retraced. TeBIS® is thus used by customers in the energy and waste management industry to document processes and consumption and to proof them to auditors, inspectors, and authorised external bodies (boiler protection checks, energy management, tax settlements, etc.).