Precise collection and evaluation of process data in food production

Flexibility in production, an increasing degree of automation, condition-based system maintenance and food from the 3D printer: Digitization has also arrived food production and processing. The recording of process data in food production and precise data availability are essential factors for efficient and resource-saving food production.

The process chain of food production is long: Whether from harvesting, breeding or production through processing to packaging and presentation on the shelf, food products pass through numerous stations. With the right systems for data acquisition and processing, the abundance of process data in food production is huge. Steinhaus information systems allow this data to be used in a targeted manner to optimise the processes in food production. The requirements are constantly increasing. Today, food manufacturers not only have to produce as quickly and reliably as possible, but also to produce the highest possible quality and to adapt to individual customer requirements.

Flexibility in production needs intelligent systems

Flexible manufacturing processes are important for the realisation of special customer wishes, for example an individual cereal composition. Systems, facilities and machines must be networked and communicate with each other to efficiently manufacture complex "on demand" products. Process data in food production show how well this networking works. Steinhaus solutions, which record and visualize this data, provide manufacturers with precise indications as to where there is a need for optimization. Whether it is the improvement of speed, packaging solutions or production quality - the knowledge of process data in food production can be used effectively in every area.

Overview of complex procedures

In the food industry, the degree of automation also increases the complexity of numerous processes. Automatic workflows in the processing of a great variety of foods are exposed to many different influences. Even the smallest changes, errors or defects disrupt the process. In food production this means delays in delivery or, in the worst case, product quality fluctuations. Steinhaus solutions document the exact actual state of the complete processes through the precise recording of process data in food production. Deviations can thus be significantly reduced, and hidden optimization potential can be exploited.

Documentation of the manufacturing processes

The impossibility to modify data archived in the TeBIS®- A data server, in combination with the separate storage of manual corrections and their modification history, provides a perfect documentation tool for the food industry. The incident-controlled evaluation of the archived data makes it possible to compile this documentation in batches even across interlinked processes. The quality of the data archive, combined with the completeness and traceability of the evaluations, also convinces external parties, e.g. during audits by customers or monitoring organizations.

Company-wide process data in food production

Ideally, the acquisition of process data in food production is carried out as a holistic view. The consideration of all data and information is the ideal situation. Steinhaus solutions have all necessary features for monitoring and documenting company-wide process data in food production. Designed as an integration platform for process and meter data from different data sources, the TeBIS® system can handle a large number of process variables.