TeBIS Modules

The TeBIS® software is divided into different modules, which offer the best solution according to your individual requirements. All tasks are realized on the same information basis. Therefore, data does not have to be collected, archived and evaluated several times. Whether you use your process data in energy data management, disturbance analysis, control optimisation or other areas of application, with the modular system you always stay flexible.

The TeBIS® modules serve different purposes and we help you with competences from your industry to choose the appropriate ones. The TeBIS® module overview:

  • TeBIS®- A Data Acquisition
  • TeBIS®- A data server
  • TeBIS®- A Client
  • TeBIS®- D Framework (database and browser access)
  • TeBIS®- D Extent A (metadata management, structure tool)
  • TeBIS®- D EDMS (energy data management)
  • TeBIS®- P (incident-driven evaluations, data analytics module)
  • TeBIS®- F (flowchart editor)

With the TeBIS® modules you receive a comprehensive data warehouse for process optimization, maintenance, fault analysis, MES, EDMS, BDE, KVP, batch reporting and other applications.