TeBIS® is the modular and scalable process data management system

TeBIS® and its modules offer excellent information for all tasks. The modular and scalable process data management system supports you in guaranteeing and exceeding your requirements for productivity, quality and resource efficiency.

The basis for the optimization of production facilities is the provision of an immense amount of process data and measured values in a clear and easy to use data warehouse. TeBIS® presents all current and past process sequences in the highest quality and with all details. In combination with the fast preparation and evaluation of all data, the system provides all important information you need for your decisions.

  • Increased productivity through precise analysis and optimization of the running mode, capacity utilization and efficiency of all facilities and sub-systems
  • Documentation and statistical evaluation of quality-relevant as well as time- and batch-related parameters
  • Optimization and control of all material and energy flows, increase of resource efficiency
  • Energy management including all relevant process variables

How TeBIS® works

With TeBIS®, your process data are transferred from the master systems or control systems directly into the real-time database (TeBIS® A data servers) by data acquisition modules (TeBIS® DA) adapted to the respective data sources. Powerful tools reduce the configuration effort for data transfer to a minimum. Interfaces automatically recognize new measuring points in TeBIS® without user intervention.

The data server of TeBIS® A works with a time-based memory for all measured process data (analogy, counter and binary values). Therefore, it records an almost unlimited number of measuring points (50 - several 100.000) without evaluation of the (assumed) importance in six (or more) storage areas of a high-performance real-time database.

Using a powerful and arbitrarily expandable function for the generation of calculated values, TeBIS®-A can be used to create a wide range of calculated variables online from measured process variables and record them like measured values.

With the powerful TeBIS®-A Client, process and calculation values can be graphically evaluated by any standard PC (e.g. as trend, XY, flow chart, etc.) and monitored to detect if limit values are exceeded (module AM). The data structures optimized for high access rates allow access times in the range of seconds.

Connect TeBIS® to Office via ODBC interface

Via an ODBC interface, all process and calculation values of the TeBIS® system can be easily and quickly accessed from Office applications such as Excel or Access.

To set up a database-supported reporting system, the database tool TeBIS®- D provides various modules for the management and extraction of process data and their algorithmic preparation as report data. The TeBIS®- D framework includes the basic database function and data retrieval via web browser. The module TeBIS®- D Extent A allows the supplementation and administration of TeBIS- A measuring points with additional meta data and their rule-based structuring. The TeBIS®- D EDMS module covers the special requirements of meter management systems and energy management. The report result data are stored in a relational database (SQL-DB). The report result data can be used directly in other applications via standard interfaces.

Multi-level user administration within the factory network

With its multi-level user administration concept, TeBIS® allows access to clearly defined sub-areas of the overall data stock - within a company network with several 1000 users as well as from outside.

TeBIS® thus provides objective and verifiable information for:

  • the optimization of processes
  • the discovery of productivity reserves
  • Weakness analysis
  • the reconstruction of incidents and fault sequences
  • Consumption data acquisition
  • technical controlling