Always at your side with great IT know-how

With us you are in good hands, because Steinhaus Informationssysteme is more than just data acquisition. Our systems are not only capable of measuring and storing process data in real time. With our many years of experience in the assessment of industrial process sequences, we offer a comprehensive range of services around our central TeBIS® system. Companies benefit from our special services in the most important areas of information technology. These include the connection to all common process, network or building management systems as well as PLC, meter data acquisition or computer systems. Steinhaus sets up all necessary structures or integrates TeBIS® systems into existing network structures and, based on these, implements company-wide management information and reporting systems - even across location boundaries. For easy handling, we program customer-specific applications based on office tools. In the end, we also take care of the operation and maintenance and provide support and training in the use of our systems.

The universal validity of the TeBIS® concept demonstrably leads to system operating times of several decades without an end to its use in sight.

Software for technical business information systems

We have been continuously developing TeBIS® since 1988 - and even since 1982, considering its predecessor CAPO. By adapting it to current software and hardware environments, consistently using powerful algorithms and focusing on usability by the customer, we offer you a complete package that is unequalled on the market in terms of performance, user-friendliness and long-term stability. The fundamental validity of the concept for information acquisition and distribution means that TeBIS® installations are also suitable for handling the latest tasks such as Big Data, Data Analytics and Industry 4.0 projects.

System integration based on TeBIS®

Based on the TeBIS® system, we supply you with a complete information system that can be used beyond the technical sector. Hardware from common suppliers, suitable operating and database systems and our TeBIS® software are handed over to you in a condition that allows you to achieve results immediately. The integration into your environment will be clarified in detail with you in advance (network, security, redundancies, availability etc.).

Solution provider with individual support factor

A functional system alone has no benefit - regardless of the best user characteristics and performance data. The solution to a problem is decisive. We accompany you during the period of use after installation and support you in your analyses. We provide support for questions with training courses and with further development of the system. In addition, you can also instruct us to develop solutions that are specially required for you based on the recorded and archived measuring point pool.

Sustainable investment

TeBIS® systems are designed independently of hardware or software platforms and operating systems. Therefore TeBIS® systems are operated in the market for several decades. This investment security and the cost efficiency resulting from such long-term use are unique in the market. However, the real value is in the information contained in the data collections that have been accumulated over many years. We use this potential for you.