The demands on productivity, quality and resource efficiency pose great challenges for you as an operator of production facilities. Challenges that you can optimally master if your experience is supported by an ideal source of decision-relevant information.

TeBIS® is such a source of information. TeBIS® is a data warehouse for the almost infinite amount of process data and readings. It presents all current and past process flows in highest quality and detail. In combination with the fast preparation and evaluation of all data, the system provides all the important information you need to make a decision.

TeBIS® provides excellent information!

  • Increase in productivity through precise analysis and optimization of operation, capacity utilization and efficiency of all plants and subsystems
  • Documentation and statistical evaluation of quality-relevant as well as time- and batch-related parameters
  • Optimization and control of all material and energy flows, increase in resource efficiency
  • Energy management incorporating all relevant process variables

First-class references from many areas of the process engineering industry confirm the high value of investing in TeBIS®